The Blockchain Revolution

360 Blockchain Inc (CSE: CODE), is a publicly listed company that invests exclusively in blockchain-based technology.

Our management team and advisors have more than 100 years combined experience taking entrepreneurs from early-stage to exit.

Our Mission

To empower blockchain technologies with capital and experience to create exponential value to our shareholders.


In 2017, 360 Blockchain Inc. was one of the first publicly listed investment firms in Canada to focus exclusively on blockchain; today, we are one of the only CSE-listed companies to post revenue in 2018.


We believe blockchain technology will radically transform how business is conducted — delivering security, cost savings and efficiencies at unprecedented scale.

By investing capital and expertise, we accelerate the development and application of public and private blockchain technologies, with an emphasis on smart contracts, decentralized data management and content distribution.

How We Invest

We look for early-stage opportunities with outstanding talent, teams and technology:

  • Talent: Dedicated innovators with deep category expertise
  • Teams: Results-driven, hands-on management
  • Technology: Bold, real-world implementations of blockchain tech

Our Categories

We are actively seeking early-stage opportunities in Decentralized Applications, Enterprise Blockchains, Distributed Ownership & Trust and Supply Chain Auditing, but our deal flow covers all blockchain-related technologies.

Decentralized Applications

We don’t believe in building new technology for its own sake; we want to see applications with real-world use cases. Specifically, decentralized applications that connect users to users via trustless protocols. Got the next big idea in dApps? We’d like to see it.

Enterprise Blockchains

When the consumer internet came online in the mid-90s, critics and cynics had a lot to say. It will never be fast enough, they predicted. It will never scale. It will never be safe. So it goes with blockchain. If you’re working on large-scale solutions to solve these problems, get in touch.

Distributed Ownership & Trust

It’s no secret that monopolies and duopolies are bad for consumers. Yet most industries are consolidating at a rapid pace — from data storage to telecom, advertising to social media. We believe that public blockchains offer an antidote to this trend. If you agree, drop us a line.

Supply Chain Auditing

One of the most compelling applications for blockchain technology is supply chain management. Just ask Walmart and Maersk. But blockchain isn't exclusively a tool for global corporations. Regional and even cottage industries can also benefit from innovations in this field.

Our Portfolio

Minority Investments

Epic Blockchain Technologies Inc. + Nerds on Site

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